Nothing philosophical here.  Not life choices, nor the anxiety of choosing two sides (to accompany your main course) at a restaurant when you were only prepared to choose one, and now you have to come up with another side order forthwith, while everyone else waits with stationary lips and darting eyes-- 40% annoyed yet 60% satisfied in your unpreparedness.  

Not those type of choices either.  Only the ones involving setting up a new website-- formatting choices, really.  Funny that we (I) pay far too much mind to the initial setup of  things that can be changed immediately and with unlimited frequency, like font (for the headings, etc): 

  • Flat out, you can't use Arial, not that you'd want to, it's just so...default, pedestrian, something we've all been forced to use or read far too many times
  • Courier is another that everyone recognizes as the quasi-typewriter/police file/no-nonsense font that looks like you're trying too hard to appear as though you're not trying hard (a pattern so annoyingly ubiquitous in everyday life, see: designer ripped jeans, 'tousled' haircuts, retro-styled motifs, wax paper sandwich wraps meant to resemble newspaper, uncapitalized menus and website headings...shit)
  • Anyone still using Times New Roman is also likely using Windows 3.1.  I'm only mentioning it here because it's the 3rd (and final) font that I can name from memory.  If I could only have named two, I probably wouldn't have bulleted the list because we all know that the first bulleted list must have at least three items.  I think I just made that up but you probably would feel the same way.

It's not hard to cycle through fonts and choose one that is not particularly offensive, and just go with it.  I've already given it more consideration here than it's worth.  But then I would have to choose which case to use-- uppercase feels like you're yelling and/or have extremely poor social skills.  'Proper' (capitalized first letter, lowercase remainder) is fine but maybe is a bit formal or by-the-book.  All lowercase is admittedly played-out; you're too focused on content to be bothered to hit the <Shift> key as you're merely a conduit for whatever 'art' is flowing directly from your consciousness through your hands.  It does look kinda decent though, and there are really only these 3 options.  And I didn't bullet-list them.

For now, I'll leave the color scheme to black/white/gray.  Gray is my favorite color.  Colorful fonts/backgrounds/etc are too gimmicky for my liking and I'm certainly not trying to 'brand' something with a certain hue that I think defines my general disposition or 'worldview'--whatever that means.  Ya, maybe I should do gray, but I'll leave it for now.

I really just want to post this so I can see what it looks like and adjust the formatting accordingly.  I don't think anyone would be reading this far down, and I am tempted to throw another bulleted list here that would catch someone's eye as they skip all the above text to see if there would be anything of interest toward the end.  There isn't, but here goes:

  • Hiding a body in a dumpster is cliche, but likely more effective in practice than traditionally credited.  Of all the bodies thrown in dumpsters, what percentage are actually discovered prior to reaching the landfill/incinerator?  Probably lower than we think.  All those clever detective shows on TV cause the masses to think that crude, time-tested methods for disposal are no longer relavent.
  • Just noticed the lack of an 'accent aigu' on cliche above-- would hate for someone to be dictating this post out loud and pronounce cliche as though it rhymed with quiche.  Both give me gas, but that's where the similarity ends.
  • Nobody will read the middle bullets if they are just skimming, so this one doesn't need to be eye-catching either.
  • Toenail fungus, while universally unsightly, is a legitimate delicacy in certain regions of the Caucasus.

Time to wrap this one up, especially since it may never see the light of day.